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attendance, guests are required to wear a mask and provide proof of full vaccination or proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 48 hours before the event.

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1.30pm Remembering The Legendary Maestro Vittorio Gassman – Special Screening

Il sorpasso (105’) dir. Dino Risi


3.45pm Docu Is Worth – Special Screening

Spicy Calabria (48’) dir. Giacomo Arrigoni

The actress Esmeralda Spadea will introduce the movie


5pm Animation Italian Style – Special Screening

Puffins (5’) dir. Giuseppe Squillaci

Coming up Italian Worldwide – US Premiere

Dakota (96’) dir. Kirk Harris.
The director, the writer Johnny Harrington, the producer Marty Poole  and the actresses Lola Sultan and Lara Pictet will introduce the movie


6.40pm LA ITALIA Opening Ceremony Hosted by Sofia Milos and Bernard Hiller
Attending: 2022 LA, Italia Chairman Robert Davi, Honorary Chairman Oscar winner Barry Morrow, Consul General of Italy Silvia Chiave, Director of Italian Institute of Culture Emanuele Amendola, Special Partners (Intesa Sanpaolo) Executives Nicola Corigliano and Gianluca Gasperini
– LA Italia Excellence Awards by Intesa Sanpaolo to Riccardo Scamarcio e Benedetta Porcaroli
– LA Italia Awards to Valerio Zanoli, Oscar Winner George Chakiris and Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement

7pm Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – US Premiere

Shadow of the Day (120’) dir. Giuseppe Piccioni
The actors Riccardo Scamarcio and Benedetta Porcaroli will introduce the movie


9:30pm Italian Worldwide – Special Screening

Not To Forget (80’) dir. Valerio Zanoli – Special Screening
The director, the actors George Chakiris, Tate Dewey and the cinematographer Massimo Zeri will introduce the movie



12.45pmRemembering The Legendary Maestro Vittorio Gassmann – Special Screening

Bitter Rice (108′) dir. Giuseppe De Santis


3pm Look At… – World Premiere

Invisible (70’) dir. Federico Di Cicilia


4:40pmItalian Shorts: Beautiful! – US Premiere

Contrariety (26′) dir. Sebastiano Pigazzi and Natalie Shinnick
The executive producer Marta Pozzan will introduce the movie


5:30pm Docu Is Worth – Special Screening

One of Us (44’) dir. Chiara Tilesi
The movie will be introduced by the director, the actress Gabriella Pession, the producer Debora Guetta, the Consul General of Italy, Ms Silvia Chiave and the Italian Instute of Culture Director Emanuele Amendola


6.15pm LA ITALIA Awards Ceremony Hosted by Sofia Milos and Bernard Hiller:
– Excellence Awards to Chiara Tilesi and Gabriella Pession


6:30pm Italian Worldwide – Special Screening

The Hand of God (130’) dir. Paolo Sorrentino
The director will introduce the movie

Coming Up LA ITALIA Awards Ceremony Hosted by Sofia Milos and Bernard Hiller:
– Excellence Award to Paolo Sorrentino
– Best International Movie of the Year to Paolo Sorrentino


9pm Italian Worldwide – Special Screening

Senior Moment (92’) dir. Giorgio Serafini
The director, the producer Gina G. Goff and the post-Production Supervisor Giovanni Moriconi will introduce the movie


10.55pm Docu Is Worth – US Premiere

The Lion’s Courage (64’) dir. Marco Spagnoli



1pm Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – Special Screening

Land of Sons (120′) dir. Claudio Cupellini


3.20pm Italian Shorts: Beautiful! – World Premiere

Totem (20′) dir. Luka Tartaglia

The director will introduce the movie

Coming Up Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – Special Screening

The Hidden Child (110’) dir. Roberto Andò


6pm Animation Italian Style – Special Screening

Arctic Friends (5’) dir. Giuseppe Squillaci

Coming up  Italian Worldwide – US Premiere

Eddie & Sunny (98’) dir. Desmond Devenish


8.10pm Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – US Premiere

Superheroes (113’) dir. Paolo Genovese


10:30pm Look At… – Special Screening

Blue Eyes (87’) dir. Michela Cescon



12pm Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – US Premiere

Comedians (96’) dir. Gabriele Salvatores


2pm Animation Italian Style – US Premiere

Yaya and Lennie – The Walking Liberty (110’) dir. Alessandro Rak


4:15pm Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – US Premiere

Notes From A Women Salesman (115’) dir. Fabio Resinaro


6:40pm Caffè (7’) dir. Pasquale Coletti
The producer and writer Roberta De Santis will introduce the movie

Coming up Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – US Premiere

The De Filippos (142’) dir. Sergio Rubini


9:40pm Italian Shorts: Beautiful! – US Premiere

Chiusi Fuori (9’) dir. Giorgio Testi
The director and the producer Martina Zambelletti will introduce the movie

Coming Up Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – US Premiere

Marriages (95’) dir. Paolo Costella




1.45pm Look At… – US Premiere

Girl Returned (114’) dir. Giuseppe Bonito


4:10pm Look At… – US Premiere

Held Hostage (89’) dir. Eleonora Ivone


6pm Docu Is Beautiful – World Premiere

Heirloom (28’) dir. Michela Maria
The director, the subject Sandi Grasso and the president of the NOIAFT Taylor Taglianetti will introduce the movie


6:50pm Enjoy the Italian Comedies – US Premiere     

School of Mafia (95’) dir. Alessandro Pondi
The director and the actor Michele Ragno will introduce the movie


8.45pm Italian Shorts: Beautiful! – World Premiere

Mother (3’) dir. Valentina De Amicis
The supporters of the project Paolo Casarella and Justin Irving will introduce the movie

Coming Up Italian Worldwide – US Premiere     

Medium (90’) dir. Massimo Paolucci


10:40pm Docu Is Worth – US Premiere     

Wonderkids – From School Desks to the Charts (79’) dir. Alessandra Tranquillo



11.20pm Honoring Dante Spinotti – Special Screening   

Public Enemies (140′) dir. Michael Mann


2pm Look At… – US Premiere  

Another World (103′) dir. Luigi Pane


4:10pm Enjoy the Italian Comedies – World Premiere     

Non ti pago (109′) dir. Edoardo De Angelis

6pm LA ITALIA Awards Ceremony @ Italian Institute of Culture
Hosted by Consul General of Italy Silvia Chiave, Director of Italian Institute of Culture Emanuele Amendola
– LA Italia Excellence Awards by Intesa Sanpaolo to Dante Spinotti, Enrico Casarosa and Massimo Cantini Parrini
– LA Italia Award to Esmeralda Spadea
– LA Italia Award to La Casa Rossa Production for the movie “Ice”

6:20pm Animation Italian Style – Special Screening

Luca (95′) dir. Enrico Casarosa


8:25pm Enjoy the Italian Comedies – US Premiere     

Our Ghosts (90’) dir. Alessandro Capitani


10:20pm Enjoy the Italian Comedies – US Premiere

Sabato, Domenica e lunedì (101’) dir. Edoardo De Angelis




1:30pm Remembering The Legendary Maestro Vittorio Gassman – US Premiere     

I wanted to be Vittorio Gassman (16′) dir. Cristian Scardigno


2:15pm Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo – Special Screening

A Bookshop in Paris (90′) dir. Sergio Castellitto

The actor Clementino will introduce the movie


4:10pm Look At… – US Premiere     

Ice (120’) dir. Fabrizio Moro and Alessio De Leonardis


6:30pm Italian Cinema Today by Intesa Sanpaolo- US Premiere     

The King of Laughter (132’) dir. Mario Martone